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About us

LIZ MILWE  (Director/Choreographer)
Liz Milwe has choreographed on Broadway, MTV, and for film and commercials.  On Broadway, she choreographed the cha-cha sequence in The Cemetery Club. Her instructional video, Hip Hop for Kids, won the Parent Choice Honors Award for Best Children’s Video and is currently distributed in the USA and abroad.  Her recent film, The Wedding, has been shown at the dance film festivals, Illcoreografoelectronico Festival in Italy, Festival International de Video Danza in Brazil, Dance On Camera Festival at the Puffin Gallery in NYC and highlighted on the PBS Series “The Short List.”    The Wedding won The Gold Special Jury Award at the  World Fest-Houston and the Audience Award at the New Haven Film Festival at Yale University and DaVinci Film Festival in Seattle.  Her dance films, BeachDreams and Only You are distributed nationally and internationally by ArtWorks Video.  Liz Milwe is the Artistic Director for Jumping Fish Productions, a dance and video company.  She is former member of faculty at Sarah Lawrence College in the Theater Department.

ROGER G  (Star Performer)
A native of Brooklyn, New York, Roger G is a man of many talents – from rap to hip-hop to mime to native Australian dance, musical production and dance skating – his unique style, fluid movement and engaging personality has earned him the respect and recognition of audiences worldwide.   Roger G has appeared and performed with such world class artists as:  Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder and His television/movie credits include, Krush Groove, Def Comedy Jam, the Equalizer, Hot Tracks(an ABC documentary about break dancing), and several commercials.  He has performed for both the NBA and WNBA at Madison Square Garden, and on 103 and Park.  He was featured in the instructional video, “Hip Hop for Kids” won the 1995 Parent’s Choice Award for best children’s video.  Roger G participated in Coca Cola’s nationwide Fruitopia promotion and toured the world performing in Break! The Urban Funk Spectacular, and with the New York Express He has organized and performed at the City of New York Parks and Recreation Great Halloween Party at Central Park, and has wowed audiences at the MTA’s Performing in Public Spaces/Music Under New York program.

is an Emmy award winning filmmaker with such directing credits as “Space Coast,”  “Silver Valley,”  “Jupiter’s Wife,”  “No Accident,”  “The Sightseer” and “W.I.S.O.R.”. In 1995, JUPITER’S WIFE was awarded a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and the Grand Prize for Best Feature Documentary at the Vancouver Film Festival and the Santa Barbara Film Festival.  The film was also awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Documentary.  Originally shot on small format video, it premiered on HBO/Cinemax before getting a nationwide 35 mm theatrical release. In 2000, he released W.I.S.O.R., which Ross McElwee described as “the best science fiction documentary ever made”.  In addition to his own work, he has worked in a producing capacity on a number of other films, among them: “Bookwars” by Jason Rosette, “Fastpitch” by Jeremy Spear, and The Academy Award nominated CHILDREN UNDERGROUND by Edet Belzberg.

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